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Cycling defines you.

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 You live for your dreams and riding is one of them. The best equipment does make a difference and you won’t settle for second tier components. Our mission is to deliver truly world class components worthy of the top levels of professional competition at the lowest possible price.

We buy direct from the top tier manufacturers around the world and custom build each set of wheels to your specifications. Wheel building is one of our passions and we have been doing it for over 15 years. Each wheel is carefully assembled to our exacting specifications. When you receive your wheels you will get the inspection sheet drawn up by the builder with his signature and your serial number. We keep everything on file so should you have any issues we will know exactly what you have. This all takes extra time but you are worth it.

All of our rear alloy wheels are assembled with washers under the drive side spokes. This allows us to build to tensions far exceeding other wheel companies. The higher tensions mean a longer lasting wheel, and extra support of the washers give you 28 or 32 hole wheel durability with a 24 spoke rear wheel. Even big and strong guys can ride these with confidence.

We build our wheels exceptionally round (.01") - the single most important key to a true quality wheel build. Being round equates to equal spoke tension and a longer lasting wheel.